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What is Fingertips?

Palash provides a specialized mobile platform for an individual called Palash Finger Tips(PFT) which involves simplified secured electronic system used to exchange and access personalized protected health Records, such as medical history, vitals, diagnosis, investigation results, medications, discharge summary and demographic information on their finger tips.

What can it do?

It facilitates individuals to manage their whole health record at one place as well as it handles primary communications with healthcare providers at their Fingertips.

Benefits for Patients

Online Appointments
Online Appointments

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Alerts and Notifications

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Fingertips is a tool for handling all healthcare scenarios & Create a Better Patient Experience. Healthcare providers need to identify & create repetitive business to be sustainable in the industry. For this they need a Healthcare CRM tool which can establish & create good relation with patients. Fingertips creates a better communication channel & act as a loyalty program. Such a tool can enable patient to fill in and update their information and personally control their health records

Benefits for Service Providers

First Mover Advantage

Online Appointments

Patients EMR

Connected Health

Revenue Generation

Going Paperless

Digital Data Transfer

Customer Relationship Management

Loyalty Program Creation

Key reminders & Notifications

Clinical Analysis

Predictive Disease Analysis