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Industry Challenges

Hospital management requires a lot of decision making which is highly difficult if there is no strong management system in place. Since you need precise and accurate implementation at every stage, the automation system in the hospital has to be self-sufficient. Today, it is not possible to imagine a super-specialty hospital without it. A reliable, cost-effective, and efficient system becomes the backbone of the success of a medical center. There are several benefits of installing full-fledged software.

Why Palash?

PALASH is a powerful feature laden and extensively tested software that takes care of the simplest and most intricate functions in a diagnostics centre, giving the diagnostics centre the much needed competitive edge. The solution is modular and gives healthcare organizations the convenience of a flexible rollout strategy. Diagnostics centers can choose to prioritize the deployment of those modules considered critical from the organization’s patient care delivery goals.


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  • Modular
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