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Clinical Management

Industry Challenges

The current clinical administration is time-consuming, error prone and has tedious processes involved in it. The poor IT infrastructure is leading to inefficient and ineffective patient care –dissatisfied and angry patients. There are redundant processes involved which are leading to compliance challenges. Tracing the history of patients is an issue. The majority of the time is consumed by understanding history on repeated patient visits. The staff is not adequately trained nor tech savvy. Due to this, there is a high waiting time and no management for the visiting patients. There’s a complicated setup which is difficult to navigate. Time wastage due to repeated history on every visit. There is redundancy informal procedures and processes.

Why Palash?

Palash Clinic is comprehensive Enterprise-wide software that covers all aspects of management and operations of Polyclinics. PALASH is specialized Healthcare Information Technology organization offering various software services and solutions to healthcare providers.


  • Reception Module
  • OPD Module
  • Billing Module
  • Clinical Data Management
  • Laboratory
  • Operation Theatre
  • Pharmacy Module
  • MIS
  • Administration module
  • Security & Identity
  • Interfaces