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National Women’s Health & Fitness Day

U.S. Celebrates National Women’s Health & Fitness Day

For a woman in U.S., India or anywhere in the world, fitness should be like breath for life. Being a multi-tasker, it is very important for her to be healthy and active. Exercise not only takes care of the physical fitness of the body, it is also considered as a wonderful stress reliever.

National Women’s Health & Fitness Day is annually observed on the last Wednesday of September in the United States. Started in the year 2002 by the Health Information Resource Center (HIRC), it is the nation’s largest health promotion event for women of all ages.

The main focus of the event is to emphasis on the importance of regular physical activity and health awareness for women.They are made aware of how important is physical fitness and taking control of their health.

Many local organizations across the U.S. participate in this.Though local health and fitness activities vary widely depending on the organizations hosting the events but their main motive remains the same. It includes fitness walks, exercise demonstrations, health screenings, and information workshops.

According to National Women’s Health Information Center, exercise:

  • Increases energy and stamina.
  • Keeps bones and joints healthy.
  • Helps in avoiding breast cancer and colon cancer.
  • Lowers the risk of diabetes.
  • Reduces stress and depression.
  • Provides good sleep.
  • Keeps skin look radiant.

Health also plays an important role while conceiving a baby. Fitness adds up as an advantage for IVF as well.

A woman does not need a national event to take care of her health. EVERYDAY is a special day for her! So, if you haven’t started taking care of yourself, get up and get going. It’s never too late!

Be Healthy! Stay Fit! Remain Beautiful!

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