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Motherhood is a choice to cherish for lifetime

It’s commonly believed, like every other thing in life, motherhood also comes with certain age preference.  As the topic suggests, we are going to elaborate on the upper age limit of motherhood.

Generally, 35 years is considered as the benchmark to become a mother naturally. In today’s era with increasing stress level, lifestyle changes, modified cultural and social preferences, women often prioritize to conceive a child at the later stage of their lives.  This demarks after or around 40 years. It’s not just with one country. This is a major issue faced worldwide. The decreasing fertility rate has raised demographic concerns in many countries with strong economy. While we are not willing to alter our mind, science has found ways to support motherhood after 40.

There are two aspects of being a mother after 40 – naturally or with surgical intervention. Of course the most preferable way to conceive would be the ‘Natural way’. The million dollar question is – HOW?

Research data states that a few simple lifestyle changes can induce a lot of factors in female body to get pregnant. One of the main factors is restoration of reproductive hormones to increase fertility chances. The normal ovulation is interfered with increasing age and decreasing oocytes count. You may bring better chances of fertility with these simple routines below:

Tips to get pregnant after 40!

While these natural ways don’t guarantee 100% chances of conception, these also don’t have any side effects. Rather there are life opportunities hidden in these simple procedures.

  • Maintain a healthy body weight
  • Practice fertility boosting yoga
  • Switch to fertility diet
  • Consume fresh food and avoid processed food
  • Add more of vitamin supplements in body
  • Time your conception
  • Strictly avoid alcohol and smoking
  • Avoid lifting heavy weights
  • Do not stress your system

A sudden inclusion of good lifestyle habits does not bring immediate results. You really need to be patient with these remedies. It may sound tiring but a minimum of 5 – 6 months are needed to rejuvenate your body.  Here’s one important note to remember.  Women with polycystic ovaries cannot alter the conditions with natural remedies with short span of time. You must consult a specialist if you are likely to suffering from PCOs.

Surgical intervention – technological advancements for motherhood

Science and technology have always boosted the human capabilities and will continue to advance it. There are proven data that becoming a mother after 40 could be easier with technology.

Lot of us does not understand the differences amongst many techniques available. Surgical intervention is not limited to one method. There are a few methods available depending on the need and feasibility.

In vitro fertilization

Donor eggs

Embryo adoption etc.

You may ask what the chances with these surgical methods are?. Well, in most of the cases these procedures have become successful.

In 2015 a woman created history as she gave birth to twins and yes, she got pregnant by in vitro fertilization. You would be surprised to know her age. She is 70 years old.

Technology is touching heights for human beings. Once it looked really difficult to even think of conception after 40. Now, it’s no more a challenge.

It is extremely important to consult an expert. Every procedure is not suited for every body type. Even research shows there are advantages and disadvantages of becoming a mother at any age.

It may sound odd but there are psychological and sociological advantages for you and your baby if you prolong pregnancy.

Getting back to the difficulties, we must also explore a few other facts in this article.

The biggest dilemma in pushing your pregnancy is decreasing egg production in female body. The more you wait, the less you get. Moreover, the aged eggs are likely to suffer from chromosomal malfunctions. This can also raises the risk of miscarriage. Sometimes, incompatible physical conditions cause preterm baby. Unfortunately, not always a preterm baby is healthy.

Getting pregnant after 40 also depends on other physical factors like high blood pressure, diabetes, asthma or any significant disease.

Under every circumstance, its advised to conceive before 35 years. The chances of conception are higher. But this does not nullify the opportunity to get pregnant after 40.

Yes, there are many difficulties but a fertility specialist can always guide you the best path.

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