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Impact of stress on fertility!

Stress is a very common factor affecting everyone today. It’s a part of life! But it has a major impact on fertility as well. More than one can think of! Researchers confirm a strong link between stress, depression, anxiety, and infertility. The physiological effect of stress is huge and it plays a very important role in conception. Basic symptoms of stress could be lack of sleep, eating more or less than usual, staying aloof, frustration, unhappiness, and losing interest in things you normally love to do. Though harmful, our body has the capacity to adjust well to everyday stress. However, as the intensity increases, the impact is shown on our health, effecting the menstrual cycle in females and health in males. When stressed, we do not take good care of ourselves.

According to doctors, the impact stress has on an individual is different. Hence, the reason behind infertility caused by stress is also different with every individual. Many reasons cause stress such as, work, finances, home, family, kids, parents, marriage and even not being able to conceive. Many a times, we may not know and it has already had a grip over us. There are times when couples fail to conceive and just decide to take a break from their daily activities, thoughts and work. All of a sudden, they are pregnant. If the doctor sees his patient being impatient, the first advice is to relax.

Extreme stress levels can prevent our body from conceiving. During stress, the hormone adrenalin is released by our body. It is a sign that this is not the right time for a successful pregnancy. This hormone does not allow our body to utilize the hormone progesterone which is required for fertility. Because of adrenalin, the pituitary glands also release great amount of prolactin which also interrupts fertility. Ultimately, this may suppress ovulation in women and reduce the sperm count in men. Stress is directly related to health. People with high stress levels are usually unhappy, tensed, have poor diet intakes and reduced self-care practices.

Do remember these things when you think you are stressed:

  1. Take a break: Yes! The first thing to do is take a step back and relax. Know and understand the fact that stress cannot solve your problems but increase them. And sometimes taking a step back can help you move ahead. When couples try and fail to conceive, it is always recommended to take a few days off and maybe go out for a holiday. Give your mind, body and soul a break. Come back and start a fresh!
  2. Meditation helps: This is one of the best ways to relax. Take deep long breaths. Initially, it might be difficult to focus due to the worries and discomfort around, but gradually you will get a hang of it. Try and concentrate on your breathing and relax.
  3. Seek counseling: There is nothing wrong in asking for help if you think you cannot handle it alone. Take to a professional counselor, family or maybe a friend.Seek counseling: There is nothing wrong in asking for help if you think you cannot handle it alone. Take to a professional counselor, family or maybe a friend.
  4. Try to address the factor that is causing stress: Know yourself! Understand the environment that you live in. If your job is the reason of your stress, try looking for a different one. Or maybe begin with taking a break for a few days. If there is a problem at home, talk it out and discuss. Couples surely help each other if they want to have a new member in the house. They have to work together to create a healthy and happy environment for the child.
  5. Check yourself: Try to understand the situation and change how you react to the stress caused because of it. Sounds difficult but it’s for your own good. Let the office stress remain in office. The only mantra to keep yourself away from stress is to remember that it is does not cause you any good. Rather it comes with a full packed set of troubles.Do not invite it!
  6. Acupuncture: This really helps in reducing stress and keeping your mind calm and relaxed. Try it out!
  7. Try EFT: Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is similar to acupuncture. It is a healing tool that can provide impressive results for physical, emotional and performance issues. When we relieve stress and free our emotions, a change is seen in the physiological condition of the body, ultimately improving the reproductive system. This technique is wonderful as it addresses both stress and fertility at the same time.

Recognizing your stress is the key to dealing with it. Keep a check way before it takes hold on you. Always remember, stress is not the solution to any problem. Keep it away from you!

Ultimate mantra to conceive is relax and be happy! The little one who is about to come, is waiting and wanting to see you smile and create a healthy and happy environment for him. Welcome with a smile!

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